A Series of Brick Walls

In PC on May 11, 2009 at 2:01 pm


A Vampyre Story- PC

I have a small confession to make: I like adventure games, a lot, but the genre is like a series of brick walls to me. Every so often there will be a puzzle that stops me dead in my tracks- usually involving one combination of items that I haven’t thought of, or one area I haven’t searched thoroughly enough- and leaves me, shamefully, searching for a walkthrough.

Helmed by a group of former Lucasarts artists (whose influence can be seen in the utterly gorgeous backgrounds throughout), A Vampyre Story, in a similar vein to its point and click predecessors, is a mix of the mundane and the extraordinary. Mona is an opera singer longing to return to her beloved Paris, but she’s also a vampire in denial and trapped inside a castle by her villainous admirer Count Von Kiefer. Luckily, Von Kiefer finds himself on the pointy end of a couple of vampire hunters and, along with Froderick (her wise-cracking, bat sidekick), Mona attempts a great escape.

There is all of the usual puzzle solving that you’d expect, but with the added twist of Mona being a vampire; with abilities such as bat-form, and a set of pointy teeth. These, as well as your vampiric weaknesses, come into play much more once you escape the castle. Speaking of the castle, you are locked into this opening area for a bit too long; just when you appear to have made an opening for your escape another obstacle slams into place, sometimes immediately. However, as quickly as it opens up the game comes to an abrupt end, in what feels like the second act. A Vampire Story is inventive and good looking, but over too soon.


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