The Fourth Man.

In PC on May 25, 2009 at 9:22 pm


Left 4 Dead- PC

I’ve been separated from my former university comrades for some time now; with them up in Watford and myself languishing down on the South coast. As hip, young men we stay in touch through texts, MSN, Facebook, and, more recently, Left 4 Dead. For the last few months, the regular L4D team has consisted of me and two others, but after a certain amount of peer pressure, we have our fourth man.

Left 4 Dead’s four campaigns involve a quartet of survivors desperately legging it from safe house to safe house in an attempt to escape a zombie outbreak. You don’t need a full team of players to enjoy the game, but battling through waves of the undead with three other friends is easily one of the greatest multiplayer experiences of recent years. Half the fun comes from the banter in the quieter moments, with “Shitty Zombies” becoming our traditional catchphrase after a particularly bad swarm has been dealt with.

Sound is utterly essential for survival; from hearing the signature cues of the special infected, such as the growling of a nearby hunter (the first to hear its deceptive sobbing will call “Witch!”, usually after “Ah, shit…”), to the signature music that flares up prior to a large horde of zombies being unleashed on the players ( also known as “HORDE!”). The AI survivors can give you some warning, but “I hear a Boomer” is nowhere near as helpful as “Boomer on the other side of that van!”, and this is what separates player survivors from the AI. On the fourth man’s first night we hit No Mercy on normal, before rolling straight into Death Toll on advanced; the start of a long weekend of fighting off the living dead with distant friends.


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