Map: The Terminal

In PC on May 29, 2009 at 8:31 pm


Left 4 Dead- PC


Campaign is our mode of choice, but the new-ish survival mode is always good for when we want a quick session, or are waiting for everyone to get online. With just three of us, and an AI Bill, we do a seven minute run on The Terminal; good going, but then we give it another go our quick warm-up turned into thirteen minutes of heroism.

I’ve dropped the Assault Rifle in favour of the auto-shotgun; in survival even the weaker tanks are the main game-enders, and unloading with the auto-shot at point blank range is the best way to put one down. Especially as we were defending from the bar, where there’s always the chance that the next tank could spawn from the balcony above and drop about ten feet from us; simultaneously forcing us to scatter and making planting a Molotov on it, without setting us all on fire, a risky game.

As we pass twelve minutes there are no more molotovs or pipe bombs at the bar and AI Bill is dead, so we decide to make our last stand in the toilets; everything trying to get in gets funnelled through one entrance that also gives us some decent protection from smoker and hunter attacks. I barely make it in as the vanguard of the next wave hits me ten feet from the door and I frantically melee my way past and dive in to cover the right side of the entrance. The main wave comes through and suddenly I can’t see the other two through the churning mass of undead, but we hold them off, for about thirty seconds. A tank gets in and it’s all over as the clock hits 13.38; our first gold and one of the best L4D sessions ever.



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