A Bloodthirsty Relic.

In PSone on June 11, 2009 at 3:56 am


Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain- PSone

It’s the medieval apocalypse; with plagues, demons, and an unholy legion invading from the North. You are Kain; a nobleman cut down by assassins and resurrected as a Vampire; burning across the land with a thirst for vengeance and a constant need to feed on the living. Blood Omen is a mix of puzzle solving, exploration, and butchery from a top-down perspective.

The standout feature of Blood Omen is the level of choice you have in carving your way through the various peasantry, soldiers, and demons populating Nosgoth. As you progress through the game you assemble an arsenal of nasty spells, items, and weaponry; rather than a small selection with very specific applications, Blood Omen gives you a massive toolbox of murder.

Most of them have just one purpose: to kill other things, but they do it in different ways. I can flay the skin from their bones, forcibly cause them to haemorrhage blood, shrink their skin until their body explodes, or even reduce them to a corrosive puddle that melts anything it comes into contact with.

There’s a quick menu for a small group of both magic and items, and you can equip one weapon and one set of armour. These limited selections lead to the formation of specific combinations to tackle a certain type of enemy. One minute I can be rocking my “anti-human” setup, with a mace that stuns humans (for easy feeding) and Flesh Armour (that automatically absorbs the blood of stunned opponents), and then switch out to the Flame Sword and my more powerful spells when the demons come knocking. The only thing that lets the system down is the long loading times when you want to change to a new loadout.

Blood Omen is a relic, with a taste for blood and some despicable ideas.


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