Dam Zombies.

In PC on July 1, 2009 at 2:24 am


Left 4 Dead- PC

With the release of the new add-on framework for community maps, it was clearly time to assemble the L4D regulars and take a break from the default campaigns. Ferret Boy points us towards Dam It, and we get downloading (although it’s worth pointing out that we were using an unofficial .vpk version of the map to get it working in multiplayer).

Dam It is a unique map, in that it isn’t just another set of city streets or sewer tunnels. The massive structure of the dam is something that was never really done in the Valve campaigns, and it’s quite a striking view as you break through the initial woodland area and head for the first crescendo event.

The main problem we ran into is that it’s dark, too dark in some places. This makes exploration a bit tiresome, but that seems to have been picked up on by the creator and the lighting should hopefully be altered in a future version. Other than that, the only other issue I could see was the tank entry points in the finale area that turned them into sitting ducks as they got caught on the scenery.

It’s essentially one map and a finale wedged together, and as such can breezed through in a under half an hour, not that this is a problem. In fact it’s nice to see map makers aren’t simply conforming to the four maps plus final structure of the Valve campaigns.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that you should ignore all of my criticisms and download it. This is a bloody brilliant amateur map, and hopefully a sign of great things to come.


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