White Dragons are Dicks

In Tabletop on July 14, 2009 at 5:40 pm


Dungeons and Dragons: Fourth Edition- Tabletop.

I spent last Sunday night in Watford playing the latest edition of the D&D rules, and subsequently spent most of the four hour train journey home trying to nail down the various thoughts kicking about inside my head into some kind of explanation as to what makes it so great.

D&D is about as low-fi as you can get. There are miniatures and tile sets to buy, yes, but unlike miniature-heavy games, such as Warhammer, D&D works just as well with a few bits of paper and some appropriate objects; we arrived at an excavation site, only to be set upon by a group of miniatures and Cluedo pieces.

Half of the group, including myself, had little to no D&D experience, which meant we had to get over the initial speed bumps of understanding the rules and the many “can I do this?” questions. Ferretboy had the most trouble with the rules, but made the most creative actions;  boldly commanding a young white dragon to stand down, before belching his Dragonborn Paladin’s electrical breath into its face after it laughed and stated that it would reward him, if he killed me and Yellow instead. It was pretty much pandemonium after that, as I tried (and mostly failed) to stab anything in range, while Yellow’s Sorcerer unleashed chaos bolt hell.

This is the heart of D&D. With an understanding of the rules and a decent DM, you break the D&D sound barrier and BOOM, everything starts running smoothly, the dice rolls drop out of focus and it becomes all about the actions and the mad freedom that the digital realm simply cannot match.

This is why Sunday was not the night I rolled a lot of dice, but the night I was stabbed, covered in urine, and almost frozen to death.


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